Q. Will we be permitted to pick up our child’s belongings from BNS? 

A. We are currently working on a plan to facilitate this, but it may not happen in the near future. 

Q.  Will we receive curriculum maps for guidance? 

A. No, our teachers will be providing the day to day delivery, no different than we have done previously.  Curriculum maps, while useful for teachers, are not how we build and design out the specific instructional strategies.  Mrs. Treece has directed the teachers to spend time developing a meaningful curriculum to engage students and not to spend time revamping curriculum maps at this juncture (that is summer work and not a priority at this time). 

Q.  Will we be expected to support instruction at home? 

A. Yes, the current status for schools is that we will be delivering a “remote” learning environment.  This will require parents more than before to ensure that students are engaging and completing expectations. 

Q.  Will there be FSA accountability testing this year? 

A.  No.  There will be guidance coming out on how to handle the various issues this creates, as that information is provided we will share with parents based on impact. 

Q.  Will there be attendance requirements? 

A.  Yes. There will be specific check-in times for students throughout the day.  

Q.  Will devices be available for families who need them? 

A.  Yes. There will be a required signature for the responsibility of caring for the device and an agreement that any damage that occurs will be paid for by the adult signing the agreement.  There will be a plan rolled out on the logistics for this soon. 

Q.  Will food be distributed to students and families in need? 

A.  There is not an official plan to distribute food as we learned we are not able to be reimbursed at this time. However, if you are or know a family in need, please let us know and we will ensure proper support is given.

Q.  Will there be counseling services available should our family need support during this time? 

A.  Yes, our school counselor, Mrs. Emery will be available to our families via an appointment.  She can be reached at hemery@babcockneighborhoodschool.org

Q.  Will my child pass? 

A. The goal is for every child to be successful.  If your child is in good standing to date, they should be fine. If student performance has been a previous concern, this change would not change the status.  The concerns would need to be addressed.  If your child is at risk of failing, the teacher will be in contact with you directly. 

Q.  Will Trailcare and Clubs be available?

A.  Unfortunately not at this time. 

Links for Parent Support

COVID-19 Guidance per CDC

Direct webpage for CDC Guidance

Temporary Distance Learning Plan for Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI)

Provides guidance for all stakeholders on roles and responsibilities in this new adventure. This document will be revised as needed. 

How to Navigate Google Classroom

Quick YouTube Tutorial for navigating Google Classroom.  This will be used by our teachers to engage.  Please look for guidance via classroom teachers to get started. 

FDOE Parent & Teacher Resources

Webpage with resources for teachers and parents to support Non-Traditional Instruction Days

 Links to previously shared forms for your access and completion: 

  • CDC COVID-19 Link

  • Please complete this form regarding access to devices, internet, and food in the event that we should need to move forward with a Non-Traditional Instructional approach to serve students.  Family Information for Instructional Needs.

  • Family Travel Information.  (only complete if you went on a cruise or traveled outside the country).  There is a 14-day isolation mandate for anyone who took a cruise or traveled outside the country.  There are no exceptions to this mandate. If a student falls into this category they must stay home per the Department of Education and Department of Health recommendations.  It is imperative our families are honest on this portion for the well-being of all students and staff at BNS.